Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Week in Farm Photos June 8th - 14th

This week brought hot humid days, with thunderstorms sprinkled here and there most afternoons. Wonderful weather to help our gardens grow. We harvested our first garlic of the season and our first blackberries ever. We now have three sets of chicks, since we celebrated the arrival of three more hatched here on our farm this week.  Universally, spring is the season of birth and growth - and nowhere more so than on a farm. Enjoy this peek at our week!



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  1. 'Great photos! I especially like the one of the chicks! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Oh, nice photo! Baby chicks are so sweet! Those look like the little Barred Rock Plymouths I had.


  3. sweet!
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  4. Love these photos! Our chicks are celebrating Day 20 today - all happy, healthy, and thriving. Yay!! They look so tiny in the photo you have with Momma. I love the three hens having a little gossip session in the corner and your happy pup with his big grin.


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