Thursday, May 29, 2014

GIVEAWAY: HollyBeth Organics Basil Bergamot Set

I know I should wear gardening gloves, I really do. I even have a few cute pairs sitting there right with all my gardening stuff. But do I ever think to pull on a pair? Of course not! As a result, my fingernails usually have dirt under them from April to September and my hands are always sunburned, chapped and dry. So when HollyBeth Organics asked if I would like to try their new Basil Bergamot Hand Wash and Lotion, I jumped at the chance.

For those of you not familiar with HollyBeth Organics, they are a USDA-certified organic beauty and body care company. You can read their story here.  Using essential oils, herbs and other natural ingredients, they have created a whole line of body washes, lotions, creams, scrubs and other products with such tantalizing names as Grits & Honey Scrub,  Lemon Lime Shea Butter Cream, Marigold Face Kit and Rose Geranium Toner. Visit the HollyBeth Organics website to browse their entire line of products HERE.  The also offer a selection of samples reasonably prices at just $3.50 each, so you can choose a few to try out before buying the full-sized tub or container HERE.
HollyBeth Organics Rose Geranium Face Moisturizer

The Basil Bergamot products are one of their newest product lines and in addition to being vegan, gluten-free and cruelty free, they smell heavenly and have completely transformed my hands in the few short weeks I've been using them. My hands no longer look like 'gardener's hands', but instead are soft and supple.

The hand wash lathers nicely and cleans off all the dirt without drying my hands - and the lotion, while not a traditional 'creamy' lotion, leaves my hands soft, moisturized and smelling divine.  I love the combination of basil and bergamot mixed with moisturizing coconut and other oils.  I also love that I will be able to refill and repurpose the bottles and caddy once they are empty!

GIVEAWAY! The generous folks at HollyBeth Organics have offered to send one lucky winner a set of their own! Enter to win the Basil Bergamot Set which comes in recycled glass pump bottles nestled in this handy, attractive wire caddy. 

Disclosure: HollyBeth Organics provided me complimentary product samples to review, but the opinions expressed are my own and not based on anything but my own personal observations.

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  1. Nice to hear about your company, i luv giveaways too. Hope business is always good for you

  2. I'm Deb D. unless you're talking about another Deb D. I don't remember getting an email hopefully if it is me I didn't miss it.

  3. I have not use it yet and also want to use if. essential oils, baby

  4. Nice to hear about your company, i luv giveaways too. Hope business is always good for you

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