Thursday, November 14, 2013

Homesteading in the Winter: Cold Weather Chicken Care

I am very excited to be taking part in a new series related to the topic of "Homesteading in the Winter."

Each Thursday there will be a new post on a different issue associated with the needs and unique challenges of living on a homestead (big or small, urban or rural) during the winter. I am a teaming up with several other bloggers to bring you this series.

Today's topic is "Cold Weather Animal Care." The participating blogs for this week include:

After reading my post, please take a few minutes to visit these other blogs and learn about what caring for livestock is like where they live.


As a general rule, chickens handle cold far better than heat, but in the winter they still will appreciate being provided a draft-free, dry coop, a sunny area in the yard out of the wind, fresh water and some treats that provide extra energy and warming properties. Boredom is also a worry in the winter, so keeping them busy can help alleviate pecking and other issues.

Here are some easy ways to keep your chickens happy and healthy through the cold winter months:

- Try the Deep Litter Method to warm your coop naturally
- Use these tips to Keep water from freezing
- Try these winter Boredom Busters
- Feed Scratch grains before bedtime to help warm your chickens' bodies up a bit
- Make homemade Suet Blocks, Seed Blocks or Seed Wreaths


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